Summer starts in 8 DAYS!  If you don't think this mama is freaking out then you are wrong- because I am!

Summer in our house means early morning swim practices and mama scrambling to establish a routine while I frantically try to cram 6 hours of work in the 2.5 hours I get in between meal prep and refereeing while being a social organizer.  Whew!  Working from home with a full time business is NO JOKE!


Summer also means watermelon photos, beach photos, Christmas in July, underwater photos and STUDIO DANCE PHOTOS!  And we are launching a super cute Christmas tree set up this year with a Jeep Wagoneer (the same Jeep will be at our beach minis this year as well), you won't want to miss it!  And if you're wondering how I'll have time for all of this while also getting ready for Back To School mini sessions in August, I am too, but I think I'm a little crazy to begin with to have this super amazing business while still enjoying life with my boys.


And don't worry we are working on the official Summer Fun List this week.  It'll be ready to go by the last day of school on Thursday.  It'll include things like shaved ice, museum day, PJ day, sleep overs, thrifting adventures and lots of swimming and bike riding.  And before you know it, we will find our routine and the next week they'll be headed back to school.