I’m a photojournalist from a past life who is now a full time photographer devoted to focusing on capturing the moments that matter: from the very first steps to that final walk across the graduation stage, I help families tell their stories for generations to come.


Hello I’m Laura the founder of LC Photographers, formerly Laura Chiles Photographer.

I find great joy in capturing all those little moments that matter for my clients - the chocolate pudding all over little faces, the joy of learning to walk or ride a bike, the splash and bubble parties in the bathtub, the scoring the first soccer goal or the last touchdown of their high school career, the tears of a loss and the tears of victory.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve been in and around the newsroom. So storytelling has always been a part of my life. I started as a photojournalist while at Penn State and then followed my dreams of working for newspapers following my path across the country from DC to California and then settling in Texas. I’ve worked for newspapers and magazines over the years including The Gazette Newspapers, The Palm Springs Desert Sun, The Houston Chronicle, The Houston Press, The Galveston Daily News, Katy Christian Magazine, Houston Family Magazine, Houston House and Homes and many more. Finally, I was part of an amazing team that started a daily newspaper in Katy, TX called the Katy Courier.  When it stopped production, I opened my own business full-time.

Some of my favorite moments to capture are the transition years - children and families moving through the different stages of life… I’ve followed many of my clients through these changes – and I often end up crying as I witness each chapter closes.  As a mother myself, I find this even more poignant. But being able to capture and share that with families is what i love focusing on most- those moments that show the in betweens as well as the beginnings and ends.


+ I have

a journalism degree from The Pennsylvania State University and have been a photojournalist for 20 years.

+ i like

to eliminate the distraction of props and focus on the beauty of my subjects.

+ I can

find beautiful lighting anywhere – alley ways, roadsides, parking garages, and even school gyms.

+ I was

published in vogue for my work with the Orange Show and the Art Car Parade.

+ I have been

a published photographer for over 30 years.

+ My first job

was for a newspaper in Washington D.C. where I was still photographing with a FILM camera.

+ I love to cook!

I love the colors and textures and layers of flavors that come together when I cook.


My Superpower is…

A keen ability to connect with my subjects – even the most challenging ones. I give toddlers “control” of the session and often let them direct so that they feel empowered to participate. I am also really good at connecting with my clients- especially the boys (i have 3 boys so I speak boy well) and I’m sassy so those little girls with personality, I’ve got it.  And the shy kids almost always warm up to me as I gain their trust through the session. I can make dads relax and actually have FUN on that dreaded family photo shoot and it doesn't even require that shot of tequila before heading out.  And I help women of all ages find their beauty within while they are in front of the camera. 

“I have a knack for capturing a glimpse of who
people really are beyond the posed smiles.”


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