It's another school year which means another round of graduating high school seniors. Every year I get so excited for the seniors that I get to meet and photograph. Finding their personalities and having the opportunity to capture who they are in front of my camera. I approach it by trying to find who they were and who they are going to be.

It's a real blessing to find the child and the adult in these photos at the same time. It's such a tough season to be in- as a student and as a parent. I didn't really understand the parent part until recently. But as a student the adult photo was the ONE that I wanted. But now as a parent, finding their child is the shot for me. But finding both in one- PRICELESS.

Here are some lovely photos of one of my recent seniors Class of 2020! I have the opportunity to photograph her in other areas of her life throughout this year in NCL and Pacesetters at Taylor High School. And every time she's in front of the camera I find a little bit more of her. By the end of the year I'll know her better and will cry when she moves on.

It becomes an intimate connection for me, one that helps me capture more of my clients depth and passion and personality. I think that is why so many of my clients become friends. I can't help but love everyone that I photograph. Being trusted into a persons life and having them in front of my camera is a vulnerable place to be. I get it, I hate being in front of the camera. But when you trust your photographer- we can capture YOU and you are always beautiful to us!