Then I went through the photos to share to accompany this and I was humbled by my blessings.


This summer has been a mess for me professionally and personally. At least that is what it felt like when I decided to write this blog.

It's been a roller coaster of the first half of the summer. We've had 6 sick doctor visits, 2 ER visits in FIVE days, swim season, 2 overnight summer camps, VBS, tutoring, MAC camp (strength and conditioning) and no break. I'm constantly amazed that we manage to feed all the boxes: fun, education, God, family, date night, family time, play dates, more fun, some rest, community, scouts, independence, challenges, and more fun.

We may be slim on the rest these days, but we have a few more weeks. RIGHT?

Personally I'm struggling. My anxiety is through the roof. Am I NOT providing enough for my children, my husband, my community, my friends? And while trying to find time for me? Y'all it is a crazy juggling act in the summer to begin with, but throw in sick kids, a husband who serves our swim team as president, me trying to run and grow a business and juggling summer schedules while shuttling kids between two households I'm not sure where I find time for me. I just came back from the doctor where for the first time in my life I asked for something for my anxiety because I'm failing at me. I'm losing my hair, I can't lose weight, my joints hurt and I'm cracking teeth because of my TMJ at night. Obviously I'm not giving me enough attention. And I'm a pretty selfish person sometimes. So I'm off to an endocrinologist to see if there's something bigger off. I have a goiter and she thinks that my levels will be out of whack and once we diagnose this that maybe other things will fall into place. But if not- medicine and supplements to help even me out until I can put me first.

Does anyone else have these struggles? Is it just me at the beginning of the summer? Sometimes I feel like that bad mom that dreads summer, of course by the end, there's a small part of me that's sad to see it end, but....let's be sure is nice to have a schedule back even if sometimes it's a crazier one than summer, at least it's consistent. Well until May- then all bets are off.

But when I look at the photos that I have to share with this blog, I know that my struggles are small. Selfish even. We are so incredibly blessed by beautiful kids and opportunities to share with them. Even though they have been sick, I'm blessed to have a job that I am passionate about and that allows me the flexibility to care for them and provide summer swim and playdates and a summer fun list. And I am blessed to have a staff to help keep me on track when I seemingly disappear to take care of life at home and clients that are patient with me as I juggle life. we go to the second half of summer. Hopefully more healthy and slower days ahead before we embark on the regiment of back to school.

Happy and blessed and humble and focusing on all the moments that matter.