I have so many amazing memories of my 2019 seniors.  Several of them I've watched grow up, some of them I got to watch them grow up this year on the sidelines, some of them I've known their moms for years through working in the community, and all of them rooted themselves in my heart.  Watching them graduate on live stream made me cry as if they were my own babies.  I was invited to graduation parties and got to celebrate this milestone with them and their families.  That's the kind of relationship I want to have with all my clients.  Ones that last!


And wow the personalities and the locations!  Some of these spaces are some of my favorites and some were new locations, all of them became uniquely about the senior in that space.  I usually ask my seniors for a baseline for where to go, but sometimes we come up with a plan and then I'm totally  inspired to go a completely different direction and IT WORKS!  ALWAYS!  

I love the creative freedom that my clients trust me with when we start a session.  It gives me an opportunity to really have a chance to "see" them and find them in the space.  That sounds so artsy fartsy to write, but it's totally true.   There's a certain energy when photographing seniors (really anyone) but seniors have SO MUCH ENERGY, almost more than a toddler if that's possible.  They are on this precipice of what's next and for the first time they SEE what next means.  It's SO cool!  I love this age so so much!  The only other age that give this to you is middle school and that's an almost even cooler age because they are less filtered when they are younger.  

But when I get to capture high school seniors, it's a real joy to be able to witness the youth of childhood while capturing glimpses of the adult that they will become.  And when you get both in the same frame- I cry.  Literally.  I cry often at session when I get that photo that has both.  And I know when i get it- as an artist, a witness of life and as a mom.  It's heartbreakingly beautiful.  And I found that in EACH one of my seniors this year.

Y'all I'm SO proud of you guys.  I know that your futures will have grand adventures and the paths you chose will always take you exactly where you need to be.  Thank you for sharing this year with me- even for just a moment.  You have each touched my life in a way that you or I may never fully know.  Go conquer your world!!  And always reach for the stars!